Deploy an app in minutes

Full-fledged starters in one-click
Retool offers the ease of visual programming with the power and flexibility of real code. Connect to any data source. Drag-and-drop a UI and program with JS. Deploy instantly
Joplin is an open source note-taking app. Capture your thoughts and securely access them from any device
Ghost CMS
Ghost is a powerful app for new-media creators to publish, share, and grow a business around their content
Modern, privacy-friendly, and cookie-free web analytics
MinIO offers high-performance, S3 compatible object storage. Native to Kubernetes, MinIO is the only object storage suite available on every public cloud, every Kubernetes distribution, the private cloud and the edge. MinIO is software-defined and is 100% open source under GNU AGPL v3.
Simple and privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative
Metabase is an open source business intelligence tool that lets you create charts and dashboards using data from a variety of databases and data sources. You don't need to know SQL to create visualizations, but Metabase supports SQL for advanced customization.
n8n is a free and source-available workflow automation tool
Nextcloud Files offers an on-premise Universal File Access and sync platform with powerful collaboration capabilities and desktop, mobile and web interfaces