Easy web3 storage is here

Zeet provides a suite of products to help you deploy and scale ML-enabled applications across any cloud provider with ease. Attach GPUs, TPUs, and switch regions with a click to scale globally.
IPFS dashboard interfaceIPFS dashboard interface
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Decentralized Storage in 5 Minutes. No central authority.

Save in your cloud(s)

Store your data in your own cloud account! Don't trust anyone else with your data.

Control where you store data

Decide exactly where you want to store your media - pin using any of our support storage backends. GDPR friendly.

No central authority

No one can censor your content, not even Zeet!
Zeet integration with Amazon AWS S3 and Google Cloud StorageG

Web3 storage made easy. No technical skill needed.

Upload any file

From NFT images to videos, or even 3D models - easily share your work with the world.

Intuitive user experience

Simply link a storage backend and upload your files - no technicalexperience needed!

Fast & Reliable

No one wants to wait on slow load times. We make sure your creations load fast for everyone.
Zeet drag and drop uploading items system

Zeet APIs:
Build anything from apps to NFT marketplaces.

Compatible with existing clients

Already using an IPFS client? No worries - Zeet is fully compatible with the IPFS API.

Rich files

Attach metadata, create one-time upload tokens, and more with Zeet's APIs.
Code terminal showing a little bit of how Zeet API works

How to get started in 3 easy steps

Link wallet showing metamask, Coinbase wallet and WalletConnect

Link Wallet

Link your crypto wallet to Zeet.


Link cloud showing Amazon AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage

Link Cloud

Authorize Zeet to access your AWS or GCP account.


Zeet's uploading file system example

Upload any file

Drag and drop or use the Zeet IPFS api.

Deploy your serverless app better.

Let Zeet help you unlock the power of serverless architecture so you can save time and money.