Built by experienced cloud engineers

Our team members range from past start up founders, ex-FAANG engineers, industry veterans, and hackers, but what we all have in common is we're builders. We love collaboration across the team, and we pull in all voices when working with our customers.

Johnny Dallas (left) and Zihao Zhang (right) founded Zeet in 2020 after building internal platforms at AWS.

Johnny Dallas

Co-founder and CEO

Zihao Zhang

Co-founder and CTO
San Francisco

Sarfaraz Rydhan

VP, Sales and BD
San Francisco

Chandler Roth

Software Engineer

Jonathas Dantas

Senior Software Engineer

Jack Dwyer

Product Marketing
San Francisco

Tyler Kontra

Software Engineer
Los Angeles

Backed by veteran builders

Lauren Reeder


Bogomil Balkansky


Alfred Chuang

General Partner

Furqan Rydhan


Chris McCann

GP, Race Capital

Amjad Masad

CEO, Replit

David Cramer

CTO, Sentry

Omer Hasan

VP Operations, AppLovin

Jean Denis

CTO, Plaid

GGV Capital

Venture Capital

Shaan Puri

Founder, My First Million Podcast

Hubert Thieblot

General Partner,

Reza Behforooz

VP Engineering, Google

Ravi Prakash Rani

Head of Services, Coinbase

Sidharth Kakkar

CEO, Subscript

Russell d'Sa

CEO, Livekit

Michael L. Stoppelman

Ex-SVP Engineering, Yelp

David Zhao

CTO, Livekit

Emily Freeman Dowdle

Head of Community, AWS

Adam Lee

Ex-Start-up BD, AWS

Sarfaraz Rydhan

Ex-Sr. Director BD, Netlify

Preston Rohner

Principal Engineer, Ordermark

Jason Hitchcock

Head of Ecosystem, thirdweb

Sharif Shameem

CEO, Lexica

Courtney Guertin

CEO, Ease

Daniel McAuley

Head of Data, Inventa

John Andrew Entwistle

CEO, Wander