Build scalable web applications at the click of a button

Scale your infrastrucutre and serve your customers programmatically with Zeet's API. All the power of Zeet, with all the speed of software.
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Boost your productivity with Deployables

Leverage Deployables to get the most out of your infrastructure.

Circle creates AI friends in seconds with Zeet

"Zeet allows us to easily spin up new instances of shapes on demand through the Zeet API, and allows us to manage those instances from one place. This lets us focus on providing the best consumer experience."

Noorie Dhingra

Co-founder, Circle Labs

Customer case studies

Circle uses Zeet to created thousands of production services instantly using the Zeet API powered by GraphQL.

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Banana logo used Zeet’s ML scaling to go from “prototype” to “at scale”, without re-inventing their architecture.

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Scale instantly

Scale your business easily with the Zeet API


Create Serverless Apps, or utilizing auto-scaling infrastructure to be wherever your customers are, at whatever scale.

Serve customers instantly

Create new product instances with the click of a button to deliver value to your users instantly.

Build once, deliver continuously

Build your software once, and let Zeet scale and distribute it, programmatically using our API

Leveraging the power of APIs to run your entire business at the speed of software

Scaling a company just got a lot easier. You focus on growing your business, we'll focus on growing your infrastructure stack.

Execute Right Now

From interest to execution instantly - As soon as your customers want the product, they can have it, with no intervention from your team.

Deliver Value Instantly

Create instances of your application, and deliver content with no latency. No sales or account management needed.

Your Sales Team, Empowered

Your sales team can also become your onboarding team. Click a button, deliver value to your customers.

And so much more...

Build scalable web applications that don't require scaling your engineering team.
scale effortlessly

You grow your business, we'll scale it

Focus on what matters

You grow your user-base, we’ll serve them

Serve customers globally

Serve your users anywhere, instantly - Our distributed CDN allows you to spin up Resources anywhere in the world, and serve your users with no latency.

Seamlessly Deliver Value

Click a button and let Zeet go to work. We let you scale your programmatic SaaS businesses easily with our API.

Leveraged by the fastest growing Startups across industries

Programmatic infrastructure is here

Leverage Zeet’s deployable templates to unlock the power of cloud infrastructure, while saving time and effort.