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Use Zeet to deploy & operate a fully managed database that integrates seamlessly with your other services.
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Zeet database blueprints

A database with the click of a button

RDS Blueprints

Deploy a conventional or vector database to AWS's RDS using one of Zeet's many RDS Database Blueprints.

Vector Databases

Use Zeet Blueprints to deploy a vector database directly to your clouds that integrates with the rest of your AI stack, on or off Zeet.

Database on Kubernetes

Deploy a Kubernetes-powered database to any of your clusters with just a few clicks.
"We don't have have to worry about the complexities of managing the infrastructure ourselves and can focus on our application code."
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Sreerama Tripuramallu

Co-founder, Mirage

Get a database that's easier to manage

Zeet helps you operate a production database that integrates with your existing applications. Additionally, your Zeet dashboard provides a central management experience to run your services, apps, and databases.

Powerful auto-scaling

Let Zeet handle the scaling. No matter your traffic, Zeet will ensure your database can handle it.

Lives in your cloud account

Get speed and privacy by deploying your database close to your applications.

Link a database

Zeet exposes connection info and automatically links your database to your applications.

And so much more...

Log forwarding, metrics, environment variables, networking, and more with Zeet.

Zeet Database Blueprints


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Are you a platform that hosts databases?

Zeet is an intermediary between you and your cloud. Zeet makes it easy for DevOps or a developer to create and manage infrastructure. With Zeet, you simply connect a cloud and select what infrastructure you want to deploy to your cloud—Zeet does the rest.

For example, if you need a Vector Database, Zeet will deploy and provision a Vector Database of your choosing right to your cloud, meaning you own the data, you own the database, and you have full control, while getting the developer experience and easy of use of the best solutions on the market.

How do people run databases on their own without Zeet? Do they self-host?

There are 2 main ways to run a database outside of Zeet.

  1. Use a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. With a PaaS Database, the vendor does everything, owns everything, and simply exposes connection details. These solutions are great for teams looking to get started quickly or lacking time or expertise to run infrastructure, but given the lack of control and ownership, and aggressive pricing models, they aren't a great solution for teams seeking either control of their data, or their budget.
  2. Self-host. Self-hosting is a fantastic option for teams who have time and resources available to manage cloud infrastructure. If your database is going to be relatively stable in size and usage, this is a great option for teams who aren't afraid to making a one-time investment to get the database live, including getting their hands dirty in a cloud console. The drawbacks here are exactly that, cloud consoles are a labyrinth of permissions, security configurations, and scaling headaches. While self-managing a single database from a cloud is typically reasonable for teams, as soon as the amount of services talking to that database, or the need for scaling or security arises, teams often find they need to hire outside help.

While these options both have their strengths and weaknesses, with Zeet, you get the best of both, with none of the drawbacks. Your cloud, your data, with full control and an easy-to-use dashboard that makes connections and configuration a breeze.

Does the database auto-scale?

The short answer is yes!

The longer answer is, it's up to you. Zeet deploys the database to your cloud, and while we abstract away as much of the complexity as you want, we do let you ultimately make the choice. Because Zeet was and is still built by cloud engineers, our default configurations are usually great for most teams, with the ability to create auto-scaling protocols as easy as a few button clicks.

Some teams, especially those with more advanced infrastructure teams, may opt to take full control of their database, meaning they may deviate from our defaults to create infrastructure that more aligns with their compliance and bandwidth needs.

So to summarize, we can run your database infrastructure in your cloud for you, you can choose to hop in and make small changes, or you can fully configure your database to your liking.

Who should be using the database Blueprints feature?

Zeet's Database Blueprints are great for all teams. Teams of all infrastructure experience levels can use the Database Blueprints to deploy a database to their cloud, with their framework of choice—both Amazon RDS, as well as Kubernetes (across all clouds) are supported.

Our default configurations for databases are great for most teams who want to deploy easy to manage infrastructure in their cloud, and if you want full control, you can configure all of our Database Blueprints to your security, sizing, and scaling preferences. Zeet Database Blueprints work for all teams, empowering teams of all sizes and experience levels to get infrastructure faster, and have more control and visibility into their cloud infrastructure.

Why should I use Zeet for databases?

Zeet gives you the best of both the worlds - the experience of a PaaS and the control of self-hosting.

Using a Platform as a Service (PaaS) gives you ease of use and takes infrastructure off your plate, but since your database is not in your cloud, this ease-of-use comes at the expense of you losing control of your database, and forfeiting full ownership of your data.

Self-hosting solves the control problem and gives you a database in your cloud, but is often complex, when most teams are just looking to deploy a database and get back to building.

Zeet gives you the best of both, without the worst. Get a one-click database in your cloud, that is full functional and production-ready, with and easy-to-use configuration system that grants you full control of your database infrastructure without requiring you to become a cloud engineer.

Simpler database infrastructure

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