The DevOps Team for Your Start-up

Leverage Zeet's CI/CD, Infrastructure Management, multi-cloud credits and coordination, and full suite of cloud infrastructure services so you can focus on your product, not provisioning infrastructure.
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Provision production-grade infrastructure for your startup in minutes

Leverage Blueprints to create production-ready infrastructure, services, and applications for your start up in minutes—directly in your cloud(s).

Zeet does it all for CM Group

"With Zeet, we're able to manage cloud resources, scale up and down easily, and deploy new changes with ease. We write the code, Zeet does the rest."

Justin Funk

Engineer, The CM Group
Multi-cloud Startup

Leverage Multi-cloud and Cloud Credits

Find a cloud that works for your startup

Find a cloud that serves your startup's needs. Need low cost, high throughput, GPUs, edge computing? We've got a cloud for you.

Easily coordinate your infra across multiple cloud

If you leverage mutiple clouds, the experience remains the same. Manage all your clouds, Kubernetes clusters, applications, and infrastructure from one dashboard.

Save money with cloud credits

Have cloud credits from many different clouds? Let us manage your clusters where you have credits, and when you run out, move to the next cloud. We can offer you credits too!
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Second-time founders know to use Zeet

Founders know they need to focus on product development and growth, not infrastructure. Create databases, web services and applications, load balancers and more for your startup without an infrastructure team using Zeet.

Easily Create Infrastructure

Provision and manage all your startup infrastructure across any clouds from one convenient dashboard.

Deploy Web Apps and Websites

Host your websites, web services, and web applications from the same tool as the infrastructure that supports them.

Infrastructure for any startup type

Whether you're a SaaS tool or an ML company, you can manage your entire software and infrastructure stack from Zeet.

And so much more...

If it can be deployed, you can manage it from Zeet, providing infinite flexibility to your startup.
Easy deployments

Turning weekend projects into production software

CI/CD with no learning curve

The easiest CI/CD tool you'll ever use. Deploy, rollback, pause, monitoring, and log—Zeet does it all.

Connect your Git, Deploy Automatically

Set up automatically deployments so that any time you push code, Zeet will automatically deploy it with no downtime.

One dashboard to manage everything

Manage your applications and software, but also the infrastructure and services that support them, all from one dashboard.

Leveraged by Startups Across Stages and Industries

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Easy infrastructure is here

Leverage Zeet’s Blueprints to unlock the power of cloud infrastructure, while saving time and money.