Confidently create a dev to prod workflow

Create preview branches and ephemeral environments, configure env variables and secrets, and lock down your production.

Managing Environments in Zeet

Best in class tools to build and test

Whether you need a testing endpoint or a full environment, try it before you go to prod.

Ephemeral Environments

Rapidly create testing environments for developers.

Preview Branches

Create a shareable link that points to your latest release so your whole team can try it before going to prod.

Environment Variables

Manage environment variables that are accessible by all the Projects in your Environment Group or Subgroup.

Leveraged by Startups and Growing Enterprises

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Environments without the stress

Lock down your production and secrets

Control who on your team can access prod

Create permissions to your environments so only certain users can deploy to them.

Lock down your secrets

Seal your secrets across to ensure you're maximally secure.

Set up notifications on an environment level

Deploy, Build, and Pod Crash Notifications are sent directly to your Slack, Discord, or Email.

Environment Management Features


Change Window Configuration


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Groups & Subgroups

Organize your Projects into logical groupings and sub-groupings like Environments, Test, or Application bundles, and view the Environment Variables shared across those groupings.

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Environment Alerts

Configure notifications for your important environments. Send them to your Slack, Discord or email channels.

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Group Permissions

Control who on your team has access to specific Groups, Subgroups, and Environments.

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Custom Environment Variables

Configure custom environment variables across your project, environments, and cloud resources to easily manage secrets and other context-level variables.

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Hide Secrets from Dashboard

Manage secrets directly from Zeet's secure secret manager, and hide them so they're inaccessible to your wider team.

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Your environments made easy

Have the tools so the team can confidently take code from dev to prod.