Serverless at your fingertips

Spend less time managing your infastructure and more time developing your application. Save money by paying only for what you use.
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Simply deploy.
No config.

Easily deploy your application, without worrying about provisioning infrastructure. No servers, no configurationfiles, just push to Github.

Quick deploy

Localhost to live in minutes. Spend your time building, not configuring infrastructure.

No config/SDK needed

No need to install a new package. No new YAML format to learn. Just write your code.

Avoid cloud console

Never again worry "Did I set that up right?" No more confusing cloud consoles.
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Zeet interface for quick deploy

Pay as you go.
Save money.

Pay only for the resources you use, and nothing more. No more overprovisioning, or persistent servers draining your bill.

Pay per request

Don't overspend on resources you don't need.

No base cost

No upfront cost. No traffic? No bill.
Zeet pricing per request - pay as you go

Automatically serverless.
No changes needed.

Got an existing API, but haven't built for serverless? No worries. Bring any API, Docker container, or static site and Zeet will make it Serverless-compatible.

No configuration needed

Forget the infrastructure provisioning and concentrate on building your application.

Auto Serverless

Supports any HTTP service, Docker container, or static site.

Advanced Case?

Got an existing serverless function? We support Serverless Framework, bring your configuration.
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Infinite scale.

Automatically scale up as your application grows.
Down to 0 when it shrinks. No more worrying about breaking past your limits.

No traffic

No traffic? No problem! No bill until resources are in use.

Handles spikes

Unexpected spike in traffic? No worries, serverless functions will scale to handle it.
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Resources to help you get started

Zeet quick deploy interface

Quick Start Guide

Zeet Docs interface


Serverless Features


Change Window Configuration


In conclusion, the case study on streamlining cloud operations underscores the significant benefits of optimizing cloud processes. The implemented solution resulted in a 40% reduction in operational costs, generating substantial financial savings. Additionally, the organization witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in overall productivity, driving significant growth.

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By streamlining workflows, optimizing resource allocation, and leveraging automation, the organization achieved enhanced efficiency and agility. The 50% faster application deployment further contributed to improved competitiveness and time-to-market.

This case study highlights the tangible advantages of simplifying cloud operations in today's fast-paced business landscape. Organizations that embrace streamlined cloud processes can expect cost savings, productivity gains, and a competitive edge. It serves as a valuable reference for organizations seeking to leverage cloud technologies effectively and thrive in the digital era.


Zeet has robust CI/CD built in with advanced features like auto-deploys, manual deploy approvals, branch resource configuration, and rolling deploys. Rollbacks are also handled in the event of a bad deploy.

Zeet integrates directly with your VCS, including Github, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

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Zeet Dashboard

The Zeet dashboard is the centerpiece of your engineering team's internal platform, giving teammates access to provision, observe, and manage resources across clouds. Manage releases, view logs and metrics, configure auto-scaling and replicas, as well as a host of self-serve features for developers.

Get visibility into all your services in one central dashboard.
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Serverless Support

You can deploy code to a Serverless framework directly from Zeet. No cloud consoles, no scaling, just select a repo.

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1000s Community Registry Blueprints

Deploy thousands of services from many registries around the internet in just a few clicks, directly to your clouds' clusters.

From the Docker Registry, to popular Github Repos, to Helm, Terraform, and more, find a Community Blueprint that works for you.

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Deploy your serverless app better.

Let Zeet help you unlock the power of serverless architecture so you can save time and money.