Deploy Public and Custom IaC Packages in 3 clicks

Deploy Terraform Modules, Helm Charts, and Kubernetes Manifests, and control all your Cloud Projects with the Zeet Terraform Provider.
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Deploying Infrastructure as Code Packages

One-click deployable IaC packages make even the most complex infrastructure as code operations simple.

Bring your own IaC

Have custom Helm, Terraform, or Kubernetes? Connect your git and deploy it with ease straight to your clouds and clusters

Deploy from your favorite registries

We have Blueprints spanning thousands of technologies, allowing you to deploy from a registry in seconds

Managed State so you don't have to

Zeet will manage your State for you so you can focus on building.

Julius used Infrastructure as Code Blueprints to migrate in a day

Julius was able to deploy all their infrastructure in a fraction of the time using Zeet’s Helm Chart and Docker Blueprints

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Templatize your iac

IaC Packages for your team to one-click deploy

ClickOps Dashboard to manage everything

Manage a registry of custom IaC Infrastructure Packages called Customer Blueprints, that you create to empower your devs to be self-service

Multi-cloud Internal Platform

Everyone from junior devs to senior infrastructure engineers works in the same simple dashboard where they can deploy both apps and IaC, rollback, views diffs & audit-logs, and more

Zeet Terraform Provider

Manage all your Zeet Projects alongside your Terraform Infrastructure with Zeet's Terraform Provider.

Leveraged by Startups and Growing Enterprises

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Infrastructure as Code Features


Change Window Configuration


In conclusion, the case study on streamlining cloud operations underscores the significant benefits of optimizing cloud processes. The implemented solution resulted in a 40% reduction in operational costs, generating substantial financial savings. Additionally, the organization witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in overall productivity, driving significant growth.

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By streamlining workflows, optimizing resource allocation, and leveraging automation, the organization achieved enhanced efficiency and agility. The 50% faster application deployment further contributed to improved competitiveness and time-to-market.

This case study highlights the tangible advantages of simplifying cloud operations in today's fast-paced business landscape. Organizations that embrace streamlined cloud processes can expect cost savings, productivity gains, and a competitive edge. It serves as a valuable reference for organizations seeking to leverage cloud technologies effectively and thrive in the digital era.

Zeet Blueprints

Zeet provides official blueprints that are used across our customers and are guaranteed to scale, so that teams can run off the shelf software quickly without having to innovate on un-differentiated patterns. Ability to transfer services across clouds

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Custom Blueprints

Custom Blueprints allow you to create repeatable infrastructure templates from a Manifest or Chart your provide. Custom Blueprints show up in the Project Creation flow UX, for your application developers to use.

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Zeet has support for 7 public clouds as deploy targets. Whether you're deploying a Serverless application, a model to your GPU cluster, a Docker Image, Infrastructure as Code, or something else, do it seamlessly with our multi-cloud support. Supported clouds include AWS, Akamai Linode, CoreWeave, Vultr, GCP, Azure, and Digital Ocean.

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Terraform Provider

Define your Infrastructure using Terraform code so you get total control of your Projects and the underlying cloud resources. With the Terraform Provider, keep everything in your git to get the change-tracking and collaborative benefits of git, with the deployment ease and team centrality of Zeet's UI, CLI, and API.

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Prometheus Metrics Tracking

Zeet automatically pipes metrics from your Zeet-deployed Projects - no need to set up an agent. Metrics are conveniently grouped by Zeet Project, meaning you can see all the metrics you care about for your Project from one panel. The Zeet Metrics tab highlights key metrics (CPU, Memory, Network In/out, Disk Usage), with easy access to Prometheus for a more detailed view.

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Built-in Prometheus metrics tracking enables less-sophisticated developers to quickly ascertain the status of a deployment and infrastructure, and provides a solid foundation for more sophisticated teams to build their observability stack off of.

1000s Community Registry Blueprints

Deploy thousands of services from many registries around the internet in just a few clicks, directly to your clouds' clusters.

From the Docker Registry, to popular Github Repos, to Helm, Terraform, and more, find a Community Blueprint that works for you.

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Easy Infrastructure as Code is here

Leverage Zeet’s IaC templates to unlock simple cloud infrastructure at affordable SaaS pricing.