Deploy Apps with an Internal Developer Platform

Create the ultimate platform to manage all of your infrastructure, enable developer self-service, and deploy applications and services to your cloud(s). It’s like a PaaS, but it’s yours.
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Boost your productivity with Blueprints

Leverage Blueprints to get the most out of your Infrastructure as Code

Zeet does it all for CM Group

"With Zeet, we're able to manage our cloud resources, scale up and down easily, and deploy new changes with ease. We write the code, Zeet does the rest."

Justin Funk

Infrastructure Engineer, The CM Group
We'll do the heavy lifting

Your Infrastructure, Your Way

Monorepo Ready

Our Monorepo Deployment handler takes the guess work out of project changes. We’ll deploy just what you need, and keep the rest of your services safe.

Multi-cloud Support

Deploy serverless or containerized applications to Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and any other cloud, and manage it all from Zeet.


Static and Dynamic web hosting has never been easier. Integrate your whole stack into zeet, including your web hosting. Integrate your Netlify or Vercel, or let us take care of it.

Platform Orchestration

Keep your platform and infrastructure running smoothly by using Zeet's Platform Orchestration capabilities.

Centralize your Infrastructure and Development

Build a centralized place to manage your infrastructure, deployments, and clouds.

Your Personal PaaS

It's no longer Qovery vs Heroku, or Vercel vs AWS—pick the best options for your use case, and host with Zeet.

Infrastructure as Code

Create IaC templates so you can do the work once, and reap the rewards continuously.

Empower your Blueprints

Define all the configuration, security, networking, and orchestration, and unblock your developers.

And so much more...

Structure your workspace the way you want, manage your builds and deployments, and focus on coding.
Unlock Scaling

Templatize your work and embrace scale

Templatize your IaC

Templatize your configuration, cloud, and infrastructure, so you can focus on high-value work.

Focus on the important work

Do the tedious work one time, and confidently allow your developers to create infrastructure that is compliant, without “got a minute” pings.

Deploy custom or off-the-shelf IaC

Templatize, leverage Zeet’s Open Source Blueprints, or access third party Blueprints to utilize infrastructure designed by the best.

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Features for your Developer Platform


Change Window Configuration


In conclusion, the case study on streamlining cloud operations underscores the significant benefits of optimizing cloud processes. The implemented solution resulted in a 40% reduction in operational costs, generating substantial financial savings. Additionally, the organization witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in overall productivity, driving significant growth.

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By streamlining workflows, optimizing resource allocation, and leveraging automation, the organization achieved enhanced efficiency and agility. The 50% faster application deployment further contributed to improved competitiveness and time-to-market.

This case study highlights the tangible advantages of simplifying cloud operations in today's fast-paced business landscape. Organizations that embrace streamlined cloud processes can expect cost savings, productivity gains, and a competitive edge. It serves as a valuable reference for organizations seeking to leverage cloud technologies effectively and thrive in the digital era.


Zeet has robust CI/CD built in with advanced features like auto-deploys, manual deploy approvals, branch resource configuration, and rolling deploys. Rollbacks are also handled in the event of a bad deploy.

Zeet integrates directly with your VCS, including Github, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

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Zeet Dashboard

The Zeet dashboard is the centerpiece of your engineering team's internal platform, giving teammates access to provision, observe, and manage resources across clouds. Manage releases, view logs and metrics, configure auto-scaling and replicas, as well as a host of self-serve features for developers.

Get visibility into all your services in one central dashboard.
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Kubernetes Cluster Management

Provision or import your Kubernetes clusters from whichever cloud you're on, automatically integrate monitoring stack (e.g. Prometheus + Grafana) into the cluster and all applications, and provide ClickOps autoscaling, log forwarding, custom domains, networking configuration (static IP, host networking).

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Zeet Blueprints

Zeet provides official blueprints that are used across our customers and are guaranteed to scale, so that teams can run off the shelf software quickly without having to innovate on un-differentiated patterns. Ability to transfer services across clouds

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Custom Blueprints

Custom Blueprints allow you to create repeatable infrastructure templates from a Manifest or Chart your provide. Custom Blueprints show up in the Project Creation flow UX, for your application developers to use.

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Custom Environment Variables

Configure custom environment variables across your project, environments, and cloud resources to easily manage secrets and other context-level variables.

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Failover Support

With Zeet, you can have multiple clouds configured, and if you ever need to deploy or hhave a redundant stack running, it's as easy as changing the destination of your cloud service deploys.

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1000s Community Registry Blueprints

Deploy thousands of services from many registries around the internet in just a few clicks, directly to your clouds' clusters.

From the Docker Registry, to popular Github Repos, to Helm, Terraform, and more, find a Community Blueprint that works for you.

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Log Forwarding

With our Log-integrations, view current and historical logs pertaining to your deployed apps, databases, jobs, and services, and easily pipe logs directly to a log provider of your choosing, including Datadog, Betterstack,, LogDNA, and Syslog.

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You focus on the high value work, we'll do the rest

Leverage Zeet to unlock the power of cloud infrastructure, without any of the headache.