Tools to monitor, debug, and fix cloud resources

Proactively identify, collaborate around, and resolve service issues with Zeet's suite of monitoring and debugging features.

Observability for your infrastructure

A black and white diagram with infrastructure and monitoring featuresA black and white diagram with infrastructure and monitoring features

Leveraged by Startups and Growing Enterprises

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Stay On Top Of Your Cloud's Health

Get full visibility into your stack so you're never left wondering if your infrastructure is healthy.

View Alerts In Your Status Tab

Actionable alerts in one place for your Clouds, Clusters and Projects.

Metrics, Logs, & Integrations

View Prometheus metrics in your dashboard, export logs into your tools, and use our native integrations that tie into your observability stack like Datadog.

Heath Checks & Pod Crash Notifications

Keep your Kubernetes environments and cotainer healthy.

"I take a look nightly to make sure everything looks healthy"

With Zeet's Status Tab, Julius gets a high level view of all their infrastructure so they can spend a few minutes a day proactively keeping things healthy.

Matt Brockman

Founding Engineer
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Respond and fix cloud issue faster

Tools to debug & resolve issues

See each change

See each change to your cloud resources in the Revisions diff viewer.

Log Snapshots

Any incident notification includes a snapshot of the logs from the time of the incident.

Debug Terminals and Containers

Debug your live Service containers in real time with a debug terminal.

Zeet-enabled Workflow

Get eyes on your entire stack

With Zeet's observability features, you can sleep better at night.