15 Mar
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How Circle Labs Supercharged Their SaaS Business with Zeet's API Programmatic Delivery

With Zeet's API, you can scale your business to new users effortlessly by creating product instances instantly—you focus on growing your business, we'll scale the infrastructure 🤝.

Jack Dwyer

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Circle Delivers Value to Users Instantly

For starters, what is Circle Labs, and why is it the coolest start up you've probably interacted with without knowing it? Great question. To start, Circle Labs creates AI friends (called Shapes) for your Discord channel. You might be thinking "we've had chatbots for decades", but that's not what an AI friend is. An AI friend is a friend. An AI friend remembers your last conversation, has a personality, and most importantly, will hang out and interact with you in a way you'd expect anyone on Discord to.

Circle, with their Shapes, has staked a claim as one of the coolest AI products to ever exist, with the potential for hundreds, if not thousands, of interesting and valuable use cases. The era of the NPC persona is dead, and the era of the NPC-that-had-a-rough-day-and-will-tell-you-about-it is here.

If you're interested in checking them out, visit their website to learn more.

How Circle Uses Zeet's API to Auto-scale their Infrastructure and Software

So how does Circle accomplish this? Well, I can't dig into their secret sauce on the AI side, but I can say that from where we sit at Zeet, Circle can easily mint new Shapes with the click of a button. What do I mean by this?

Circle has a complex array of services that work together to create a friend (if that's not the most Silicon Valley thing I've ever said...). These services all rely on a complex infrastructure stack, networking, CI/CD, etc. and each Shape needs to be set up properly so that these Shapes can keep you company. Circle has all of this configured somewhere like github, and each time a new Discord community wants to create a Shape, they send off a request to Circle's Discord bot, and a Shape is born.

From the 1s and 0s side of the house, this looks a little different. What actually happens when a Discord community wants a shape is the following:

  1. Discord community runs command to create a Shape
  2. Circle relays this command to Zeet via Zeet's API
  3. Zeet pulls all the relevant repositories of code, IaC, etc. from Circle's VCS
  4. Zeet builds, health checks, and deploys the infrastructure + services to Circle's cloud (Zeet supports multi-cloud, including Azure, AWS, GCP, DO, and many smaller providers)
  5. Zeet exposes an endpoint that Circle can send messages to and receive responses from
  6. Circle sends the messages from Discord to and from the Shape via that endpoint
  7. You are a little less lonely 🥲

This may sound like a lot, but Zeet handles ~all~ of it. This whole process happens automatically over a few seconds when talking to a Shape, minutes when a Discord community asks for a Shape, and Circle was able to configure all of this to happen programmatically in less than an hour with Zeet.

If you want to understand a little more of what that hour looked like, check out our programmatic API docs!

Let Zeet Grow your Business

The use case described above is not only trivial with Zeet, but encouraged. Our goal is to empower you to deploy anything, however you want to do so, with whatever configurations, orchestration, provisioning, etc. you require.

If you're strongly opinionated on how your software and infrastructure is configured, Zeet gives the power to customize, but it also "just works"; our out-of-the-box configurations do an amazing job of getting teams from 0 to 1, and for teams beyond that, we have the configurability to do whatever you need. We can be your infrastructure engineer, or we can empower your infrastructure engineer to do their best work.

screenshot of time usage block on zeet application

All of this to say, you tell us what your infrastructure should look like, and we will focus on scaling it so you don't have to.

As circle put it:

"Zeet allows us to easily spin up new instances of shapes on demand through the Zeet API, and allows us to manage those instances from one place. This lets us focus on providing the best consumer experience."

If you want to learn more, get started for free or get in touch!

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