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15 Mar
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Supercharging Your SaaS Business with Zeet's API Delivery

Using Zeet's API programmatic delivery model, Circle swiftly scales infrastructure, enhancing the user experience for their software as a service business.

Jack Dwyer

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Scale with Programmatic APIs

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, where cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions dominate, SLAs are ubiquitous, and software development needs to have high-quality functionality on day one, a narrative unfolds through the success story of Circle Labs in delivering high quality SaaS applications at breakneck speed. Empowered by Zeet's groundbreaking API-driven programmatic delivery model, Circle Labs has materialized a leap in their SaaS business infrastructure, driving unmatched scalability and revolutionizing their end user experience.

Empowering Scale with Zeet's API: A Paradigm Shift

At the core of Circle Labs' ability to massively scale their software application lies multi-tenant architecture and automation. Using automation through Zeet's API programmatic delivery model—a potent catalyst for rapid expansion of operational capacities—they’ve been able to deliver a SaaS product at traditional software quality, with the speed and scalability of apps a tenth of the size.

Harnessing the dynamic capabilities of Zeet's API, Circle Labs has effortlessly expanded their user base by focusing on building their product and growing their company, not their AWS infrastructure stack or configuring cloud resources, and with their subscription model, this means growing their bottom line instead of figuring out how to lower their Amazon or Microsoft bill. The pivotal innovation here is the ability to instantaneously generate product instances of their SaaS software in a button click, paving the way for a focus on strategic growth initiatives, while entrusting Zeet with the intricate task of scaling the underlying cloud infrastructure that powers their software application and ultimately delivering an instance of the app to the end-user.

Circle Labs: Pioneering AI-Infused SaaS Experience

Delving into the narrative of Circle Labs unveils a dynamic startup that has made a mark on the chat-bot industry through its innovative AI companions, aptly named "Shapes." While the term "chatbot" is not new, Circle's Shapes transcend the conventional understanding. These AI friends evolve into genuine companions, capable of retaining memories, exhibiting personality traits, and engaging users on web-based chats like Discord with a level of familiarity that blurs the line between human and machine interactions.

The true significance of Circle's endeavor becomes evident when one explores the diverse range of applications these AI Shapes offer. Striding beyond the realm of scripted responses, these companions redefine the AI-human paradigm, heralding an era of empathetic AI engagement, where companions don't merely communicate—they connect.

The Synergy of Zeet's API Integration for Scaling a SaaS Product

While the intricate details of Circle Labs' proprietary AI technology remain confidential, the mechanics of their cost-effective and speedy software development, facilitated by Zeet's cloud-service API and Platform-as-a-Service-esque dashboard, warrant attention.

Circle connects their clouds to Zeet, configures the necessary components to build an instance of their app, and through API-driven programmatic scaling, they can deliver a replica of their SaaS product to anyone who want to use it.

From the consumer side, the user experience unfolds seamlessly with a simple command entered into a chat (similar to say /giphy in Slack), summoning new Shapes into existence—a feat executed through Zeet's API infrastructure.

Beneath the surface, we can see a number of steps cascade into effect when a new Shape request is made. The orchestration journey contains the following stages:

  1. User Command: A Discord community makes the command to initiate a new Shape creation
  2. API Communication: Circle Labs’ Discord bot transmits the command to Zeet's API, kicking off the Shape-creation process
  3. Version Control Integration: Zeet establishes communication with Circle's version control system, extracting the necessary code repositories and IT infrastructure configurations
  4. Deployment Choreography: Zeet, able to coordinate between their VCS, their cloud infrastructure, and the end-user, completes the steps of building, conducting health checks, and deploying the infrastructure and associated services onto Circle's cloud platform. This cloud-agnostic approach extends compatibility with Azure, AWS, GCP, and a host of smaller public cloud service providers and data center software vendors.
  5. The Interaction Nexus: Zeet exposes an endpoint, enabling the Discord application to seamlessly exchange messages between Circle’s API and the newly brought-to-life Shape in the Discord channel
  6. Human-Machine Dialogue: With the endpoint in place, the application running for the end-user, and a decent internet connection, the channel for interaction is cemented between Discord users and their AI companions, opening them to the virtual companions that probably won’t let them down, probably

Zeet's API: An Enabler of Business Dynamics

The marriage of Circle Labs AI-driven SaaS solution and Zeet's API programmatic software delivery model underscores the viability of cloud computing services and API-driven methodologies for supporting applications with multi-tenant architectures, redefining the fundamental architecture of business operations. Far beyond just convenience, Zeet's API represents a paradigm shift, fundamentally changing the landscape of how a SaaS provider can design their business. The SaaS delivery model of the future lets the company focus on business design and development, leaving deployment of their SaaS solutions and IT infrastructure to automation.

Incorporating Zeet's API in the business landscape introduces a spectrum of configuration possibilities. Whether teams opt for preconfigured settings or demand tailored adjustments across their infrastructure stack, Zeet accommodates a diverse range of infrastructure and cloud computing requirements. This adaptability addresses both the burgeoning startups seeking an accelerated launch in a cloud-based world, and the established enterprises SaaS providers navigating the complexities of sustaining growth, positioning Zeet as both an architect of innovation and a guardian of operational expansion.

As Circle Labs’ Co-founder testifies, "Zeet allows us to easily spin up new instances of shapes on-demand through the Zeet API, and allows us to manage those instances from one place. This lets us focus on providing the best consumer experience." This sentiment crystallizes the very essence of Zeet's value proposition—a central component in any cloud infrastructure stack, relieving businesses of the intricacies of infrastructure management, orchestration, and deployment, and giving them flexibility to design a software delivery model that meets their needs, while not needing a whole team to keep track of it.

screenshot of time usage block on zeet application

Zeet can handle everything for you—simply specify what you want, and through the magic of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), it will all be spun up and fully managed in your cloud. If you’ve got a web browser, a repo, and a cloud service provider, Zeet can help your SaaS product get in front of millions of users in the same way a PaaS would, but in your clouds, and at a much fairer price.

In Conclusion: Charting New Frontiers in SaaS

The symbiotic relationship between a SaaS vendor like Circle Labs and Zeet's API-driven programmatic software delivery model ushers in a new era in the for SaaS product innovation. Scalability is no longer a primary concern, and the focus can shift back to building the business application, not managing and scaling application services and IT infrastructure. The fusion of cloud-based scalability, seamless software development to deployment pipelines, and the freedom to concentrate on core competencies signifies a juncture for SaaS products. As businesses navigate the ever-evolving technological currents and scalability challenges, both in their orgs and in their usage, the partnership between Circle Labs and Zeet remains a compass, illuminating the trajectory toward a future where innovation, scalability, and user-centric design converge to define the apex of business excellence.

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