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26 Feb
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Automate ECR Cleanup for Leaner Container Repositories with Zeet

Simplify ECR management and cut costs with Zeet's automated ECR pruning and cleanup, which automatically deletes old images to keep you container repositories clean and cost-effective.

Jack Dwyer


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ECR Image Pruning and Cleanup For Lower Costs and Cleaner Workflows

Tired of manually sifting through outdated images in your AWS ECR repositories? Not only is it expensive to have unused containers lying around, but managing a host of old containers creates mental overhead. That's why we fixed that problem with our all new automated ECR cleanup feature.

The traditional approach to managing ECR repositories involved either manually deleting outdated images one by one, or probably worse, configuring esoteric lifecycle policies in AWS.

In either case, they are prone to human error and additional effort that could otherwise be dedicated to shipping code.

Zeet's solution addresses these challenges by automating the cleanup process. Our feature is automated and predictable, running hourly to identify and remove build cache images older than 30 days and deployment images older than 7 days. It also safeguards any recent images by preserving the last 10 images for each project or branch, ensuring any recent resources are retained while eliminating the obsolete ones.

If you're interested in giving this fature a try, you can read up in the docs on how to implement it using Zeet's easy to use dashboard.

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