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10 Jan
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Change log 1/10/21

Johnny Dallas

CEO & Co-Founder, Zeet

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Welcome back to another changelog of everything new chez Zeet. We'll be moving these to Mondays to get your week started on a good note :)

New Features

Let's start with the meat: what can I do on Zeet now, that I couldn't do before?

Digital Ocean Support

That's right, in addition to AWS and GCP we now also support Digital Ocean as a first-party supported cloud provider!

Deploy and scale your infrastructure on Digital Ocean for cheap bandwidth and low starter prices


Zeet will now automatically take any HTTP Service and automatically make it serverless-compatible with no code changes on your cloud of choice. No serverless.yml needed, no importing of lambda SDK or setting up a SAM stack. Just select a Github repo, and we'll deploy it

Serverless projects are nice because you only pay for the resources you use - no servers sitting around means when there's no traffic you won't be charged!

Just select "Serverless" when creating a new project!

Build Cancellations

You can now Cancel any in progress build. A cancelled build will go into the Build Aborted state. Use this to ensure a bad change doesn't get out the door.

A deployment that is Building and has the Cancel Build button visible

Advanced Deploy Button

Want more control over how you deploy? Now you have it! Select between 3 modes of deploying:

  • Build without Cache + Deploy: This is a full re-build from scratch. Zeet won't use any previous cache, and will build and deploy your project from the source code it fetches fresh. This will take the longest of all of the options
  • Build + Deploy: This is the standard option when a new commit comes in. Zeet fetches the latest commit for the branch, and builds the source with a cache to speed things up.
  • Deploy: This is the fastest of the 3, as it simply creates a new Deployment with the same settings and build as the last Deployment. This means it essentially triggers a restart as it rolls over

Duplicate & Rename Project

One of the most highly requested features is here! You can now duplicate a project from the Overview tab and rename it

When you Duplicate a project, all of the Settings except for Custom Domains are copied as well. This includes your project's build settings, any environment variables, and replication settings.

You must choose a new name for the new project. This name will be included in the URL and cannot be changed (though you can always make another copy!)

You can also decide whether you want the project to start immediately, or be paused. This can be useful if you have an expensive project you're copying, and you don't want to immediately spin up a bunch of resources, or if you have a sensitive production application that you're copying and you want to change some critical environment variables first.

More Graphs!

We've added Network In and Disk Usage graphs to the Metrics tab for each project, so you can dive deeper into how your application is performing

Network Out: Shows how much bandwidth your application is putting out over time

Disk Usage: Shows the amount of the Root Volume that has been utilized (NOTE this does not include Persistent Volume usage)

Network Out and Disk Usage Graphs for an Erigon node

"Viewer" Role

We've added a new "Viewer" Role to your Team Settings. The Viewer role is perfect for interns, contractors, or anyone else who needs access to your infrastructure but isn't trusted to see all confidential info and make changes. Viewers can:

✅ list & describe projects
❌ read contents of env vars
❌ create new project(s)
❌ destroy any resources

A team with a Zeet Intern with the Viewer Role

Improved Monorepo support

Got a monorepo with multiple projects? You can now specify an optional different Root Directory for your Next.JS projects. Zeet will build that subdirectory, so you can keep all your changes in one Github repo

Misc. Bug Fixes

We squashed a couple of annoying 🐞s this week too! Most importantly:

  • Deployments Tab URLs would change if you sat on the Deployments tab long enough. Not anymore!
  • Cluster Name is now available as a Property in the List View
  • Cmd + Click on a menu tab on a project, now opens in a a new Chrome tab
  • We've added support for wider monitors (>1920px width)

New Docs

That's all for this week! Got feedback, or something you'd like to see yourself? Hit me up on Twitter or shoot me an email!

P.S if you read this far, I'll send you an exclusive Zeet T-Shirt if you DM me your size and address 🙊

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