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10 Dec
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Change log 12/10/21

Johnny Dallas

CEO & Co-Founder, Zeet

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Hello all! It's Friday, the end of a great week here at Zeet. We made a bunch of changes this week, and compiled them all into one place for ya:

Big New Features

Let's start with the meat: what can I do on Zeet now, that I couldn't do before?

Automatic Multi-Cluster Migrations

You read that right. Zeet projects can now automatically move between clusters, at will. All you have to do is select the Target Clusters in Settings!

This unlocks a world of opportunity: you can move your entire stack to a different region in seconds. With AWS' us-east-1 outage this week, this helped us save several of you from undesired downtime!

We're biased, but we think this is pretty cool. Then we thought about how else this could be used, and it got even cooler. Not only can you move between regions in seconds, but you can move your services from one cloud provider to another in mere seconds:

New Dashboard: List vs Card View

Have a bunch of projects? Us too! We're excited to roll out this new List View which makes it easier than ever to quickly scan all of your projects. Expect more updates to this soon 👀

We hope you'll use these new features to continue building and iterating quicker than ever. Let us know your thoughts!

Quality of Life Changes

In addition, we released several Quality of Life changes. These aren't necessarily new features, but they make using Zeet more of a ✨delight✨ everyday :)

Human-readable URLs

No more URLs. They're hard to read, hard to describe, and very very long. The URL will now simply use the human names for teams and projects :)

Quick Switcher

We're developers. We don't like having to use the mouse for things when we don't have to. Typing is just so much faster. We've added a quick switcher to navigate between projects and pages - just press CMD + K and type the project you want to navigate to!

Note: We plan to add more to this quick switcher - what would you want to see added?

Updatable Team Roles

Growing your engineering team? You may want to change the roles of some of your team members. Now you can!

Updated Posthog Template

If you haven't heard of Posthog, you have now. Posthog is a great analytics tool (that we use internally at Zeet!) for user session tracking and general product analysis. It's even open-source, and self-hostable through our 1-click deploy template!

Try it today!

New to the blog

If you're still reading... hi :) Thanks for reading this far!

In case this is your first time on our blog, here's some more other content we've put out this week you may be interested in!

See how uses Zeet to build highly-resilient multi-cloud ML hosting, without a single DevOps / SRE on the team 🤯:

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Learn how to use Zeet to deploy a new service, end-to-end

How can be leveraged for highly responsive autoscaling

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