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10 Feb
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Change log 2/10/23 - Bringing Things to the Fore

Jack Dwyer


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Howdy 🤠!

It's been two weeks, which means two weeks of progress toward making Zeet even better at serving your needs. We're on the precipice a MAJOR FEATURE LAUNCH, at least phase 1 of it, but before we talk about that, I've got to tell you about some awesome features we just shipped.

So What's New?

Manifest Viewer for Terraform and Google Cloudrun

Last we spoke, we had just rolled out our first Manifest Viewer for AWS SAM, but now we're getting serious.

As of this week, you can view Manifests for AWS SAM, but also Terraform, Cloudrun, and soon Helm and Kubernetes. One step closer to giving you maximum visibility into your infrastructure.

Monorepo Support

Are you using a monorepo to house all your projects? If so, we've got good news for you: making changes in one project won't cause all of your projects to build and deploy—just the project that changed!

It's a small feature, but it'll save you deploy time and give you less to worry about when making changes.

Color-Coded Logs

If you've ever had to skim through logs, you know that finding the good stuff can be like finding a needle in a haystack. This all changes TODAY—at least within Zeet.

When you're looking at logs within Zeet, we'll now warn you with orange, and notify you of any errors with red.

Zeet Native Pulumi Provider v.0.0.2 and v0.0.3

You read that right. We got TWO releases out for our new Pulumi provider. CRUD operations are now supported, as are docker-based images, which means you can easily integrate Zeet into your Pulumi IaC.

If you like what you see, or want to check out what we did, check it out on Github and give the repo a star!

Metrics Exploration

If you've been using Zeet for a while, you know we support metrics for your latest build. What you've probably also noticed is we only support metrics for your latest build, but not your project as a whole, replica level granularity, or all that much variety in what metrics we let you explore.

With our new "View in Prometheus" button, you can now dig in to all of your most important metrics, no holds barred.

Bug Fixes + Improvements

The ğŸžs we squashed, and a few changes to look for this week.

Duplicate Logs

If you caught our color-coded logs earlier this week, then you might have seen some duplicate logs. As exciting as it was to show you all your errors twice (you'd never miss an error again!) those have been relinquished.


We've had Access Controls for a while now, but we've never outlined what each role can, and most importantly, can't do. That changes today!

We've added this info to our Docs. Check it out if you've got questions!

Anything Else???

This week we were heads down on some major in-flight initiatives:

  • We're rebranding parts of the platform to incorporate our upcoming Deployables functionality.
  • We're open-sourcing our kubernetes manifest generation, and hoping to have some more to share next week!
  • We're adding IaC Continuous Deployment for Terraform, and generally expanding support for IaC.

That's all for this week! Got feedback, or something you'd like to see yourself? Hit us up on Twitter or shoot us an email!

Happy Shipping!

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