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27 Jan
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Changelog 1/27/23

Jack Dwyer


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Hello diligent changelog reader, have you missed us? While we haven't formally written to you here since 2021 (!!!), we have been very busy since then. I won't go too into the weeds, however I do want to talk about some exciting things we shipped this week.

New Features

Let's start with the new stuff: what can I do in Zeet now, that I couldn't do before?

AWS RDS Region/VPC Switcher

Are you an RDS user? Let's get more specific, are you an RDS user somewhere in the world? I'm guessing the answer to at least one of those is yes, and I've also got some good news for you: you can select a region when deploying a database using RDS.

No more dealing with a database on the other side of the world. Zeet's got your back, wherever that may be.

View Deployment Manifests for AWS SAM

Have you ever wanted to see the manifests Zeet is deploying when we're creating and managing your cluster? Now, you can! When you make a deploy through Zeet to AWS SAM, you can see the manifest file we're using to make that happen.

While we're starting with AWS SAM, we have plans to roll out a similar feature for Helm, Terraform, GCP Cloud Run, and Kubernetes.

Zeet Native Pulumi Provider

If you're using Zeet and also using Pulumi, you no longer need to configure two separate interfaces to handle your infrastructure. We've created a native Pulumi Provider, so you can integrate Zeet directly into your Infrastructure as Code.

We're still working out some of the kinks and adding functionality, but it'll get you up and running. Feel free to get started by checking out the readme and giving the repo a star!

Bug fixes + improvements

The 🐞s we squashed, and a few changes to look for this week.

Deploy Pipeline Performance Improvement

Many of you have alluded to pipeline performance improvements as something you'd like to see, and we're super happy to report that we've made some major changes. Let us know how your next deploy goes—we think it'll be great.

Docs Changes

We cleaned up a few things in the docs. First and foremost, search works a lot better, so if you've been let down before by a slew of irrelevant result, give us another chance! Otherwise, we've clarified some thing around git operations and support.

  • We won't return a dozen GraphQL results when you search our general Docs
  • Git Source vs Git Registry Source is better spelled out
  • User Github Private Repo in npm

Beyond the Docs, this week we were heads down on some major in-flight initiatives:

  • Read, Upate, and Delete operations for the Zeet Pulumi Provider.
  • We're working on backend changes that will make the end result of kubernetes manifests more visible. This is part of a larger initiative to open source the manifest generation process and let you BYOmanifest.

That's all for this week! Got feedback, or something you'd like to see yourself? Hit us up on Twitter or shoot us an email!

Happy Shipping!

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