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19 Oct
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Changelog 10/19/23 - Project & Repo Audit-Log, New Project Flow, and more!

This week we've got a few major announcements, including new Revision types, an easier Project-creation flow, Kubecon, tutorials, and more. Check it out!

Jack Dwyer


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So What's New?

Audit-log for Project and Repo - Revisions

Revisions are our way of audit-logging everything that changed in your Zeet team. We previously had cloud, cluster, and Blueprint Revisions, and this week we've finally finished out the big 5 with Repo and Project Revisions!

Similar to the others, simply click into a Project or Repo, navigate to the Revisions tab, and you're on your way to see everything that changed. If you're curious how to use these in more detail, check out our Revisions docs!

One-shot Project Flow

As we've rolled out new features, clouds, and Blueprints, we recognized that some of these changes were confusing. That all changes now.

With our new One-shot Project Flow, you can create a Project without multiple screens or confusing workflows.

Akamai World Tour

We had an awesome opportunity to get on stage with some industry leaders at Akamai's recent world tour stop in NYC.

If you weren't aware, Akamai is one of our partner clouds that is great for edge computing and affordable infrastructure, among many other things. Check out our Akamai World Tour recap blog!


We're super excited to announce that we'll be at Kubecon this year in Chicago from November 6-8. If you want to chat, shoot us your email and we'll set something up!

Anything Else???

New Tutorials!

Did you know we have a repository of dozens of tutorials on how to use Zeet? Yes? Nice. No? Check out the tutorials!

More Blueprints, more features, more Zeet:

That's all for this week! Got feedback, or something you'd like to see? Hit us up on Twitter or shoot us an email!

Happy Shipping!

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