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7 Dec
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Changelog 12/7/23 - Manual Deploys, Historical Logs, and More!

On the heels of Sprintsgiving, we've got a ton of awesome changes that went out, including Revisions updates, Historical Logs, Manual Deploy Approval, a DevOps Glossary, and more.

Jack Dwyer


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So What's New?


For those of you using Revisions, you'll be happy to know that we've just added a Diff view, making it easier than ever to see what changed between two consecutive Revisions.

Historical Logs

This has been requested by a handful of you, so we're very excited to announce historical logs! Now you can view logs for past and present deploys right from your Zeet dashboard.

Using your cloud’s native monitoring system, we'll bring your logs into Zeet so you don't have to go digging to debug.

Manual Deploys

You spoke, and we listened. With manual deploys, you can now turn off auto-deployments on individual projects.

We heard from many of you that occasionally it's useful to turn off auto-deploys, so now you can do that from the Settings > Source & Branch menu.


Zeet is your all in one Deployment and CI/CD platform for Kubernetes, and with that, our docs are full of technical jargon. As a means of making that more approachable for the everyday user, we've just released a DevOps Glossary.

In the Glossary, you can find definitions for hundreds of DevOps terms.

Anything Else???


Over the recent Thanksgiving holiday, we had a mega sprint where many of the features you just read about were shipped. We also posted about it on LinkedIn. Follow along if you want to stay up to date!

Migrate From Heroku to AWS

Check out our newest tutorial on the 3 step process to migrate apps from Heroku to AWS using Zeet!

More Blueprints, more features, more Zeet:

That's all for this week! Got feedback, or something you'd like to see? Hit us up on Twitter or shoot us an email!

Happy Shipping!

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