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7 Mar
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Changelog 3.7.24 Group RBAC, Helm Import, TF Cluster Ejection, Secrets, and More.

Changes across Zeet this week, with Terraform and Helm changes, Group-level RBAC, Secrets, and more

Jack Dwyer


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So What's New?

Group Level Permissions (Coming Soon)

RBAC has existed in Zeet for quite some time, but granular RBAC has long been on the list, and we're happy to report we're just about ready to release it. This all comes as part of an initiative to make Groups more useful to you!

To use it, head into your Group or Subgroup settings.

DevOps Secrets Management

Not as much a feature as a reminder. Zeet has tons of functionality around managing secrets across your cloud Projects and resources. If you're looking for a comprehensive list, check out this blog post to learn about some of the best way to manage secrets, in and outside of Zeet.

Terraform Cluster Ejection

We've been putting a ton of work into our Infrastructure as Code capabilities, including a Terraform Provider (coming soon) and Helm Import (read more below). On the current Terraform side of thinds, we've added Cluster Ejection for Terraform, meaning you can take your Zeet-created cluster and "eject" it so you can manage it yourself.

Cluster Helm Import

If you've got any Helm Releases on your cluster, you can now natively bring those into Zeet with just a few clicks. Head into your cluster, navigate to your Custom Helm Releases, and click eject.

Anything Else???

CronJob Blueprint

Exciting release for those of you using our Jobs Projects—you can now create CronJobs natively in Zeet with the new CronJobs Blueprint.

More Blueprints, more features, more Zeet:

  • Terraform Provider just around the corner
  • Zeet Explorer

That's all for this week! Got feedback, or something you'd like to see? Hit us up on Twitter or shoot us an email!

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