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18 Apr
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Changelog 4.18.24 - New UI, Cluster Pre-checking, Status Changes, & more

Changes to the dashboard, the cluster creation workflow, and the way the Status Tab works in this week's changelog.

Jack Dwyer


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So What's New?

Status Tab

The Status Tab is a pretty amazing recent addition to Zeet, and it just got more functionality added to it. Previously we'd flag Groups/Subgroups/Projects that were erroring out, and now we'll deeplink you to them, and even surface the detected issue so you can fix it more easily.

Cluster Pre-check

Configuring a cluster with Zeet used to sometimes enigmatically fail. Missing a credit card, need to click a checkbox somewhere, missed something while creating a cloud account—all valid reasons why clusters wouldn't connect, but none obvious. That's is until today. We've just added a sort of Cluster Provisioning checklist so you can get going faster and with less hiccups.

UI Upgrades

Functionality hasn't changed, but the look certainly has. We've just done a mostly aesthetic pass on many of our menus and sidebar. We hope this makes things more clear and adds to the readability of our various menu options.

That's all for this week! Got feedback, or something you'd like to see? Hit us up on Twitter or shoot us an email!

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