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6 Apr
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Changelog 4/6/23 - NEED FOR ZPEED


Jack Dwyer


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Howdy folkz!

Short and sweet in preparation for a big launch next week. Stand by for a blog post + email outlining that launch, but for now, let's get into the stuff that's already out!

So What's New?

Dashboard Loading Improvements

We've been listening, and finally we're super excited to say the UI loads FAST now. As we've grown, we've added complexity and functionality, but that caused noticeable slowdowns in parts of the UI.

Dozens of projects. 1.5 seconds to load.

That mischief? Managed. We're super excited to bring down loading times across the app. Give it a whirl—you're gonna love it.

Custom Build Tags

Add dynamic tags to your builds. Auditing, easier. Organization, better. Usability, optimized. ✅

Templates today support environment variables including git branch, git commit, and any env vars defined in Zeet.

Command Bar Query Speed Up ⚡️

An easter egg feature, the Cmd ⌘ + k search helps you get around Zeet at lightning pace, and while you might have thought the speed of light was the limit, we just made it faster.

Use this menu to get around, and with it's supercharged state, you can get where you're going FAST.

Bug Fixes + Improvements

The 🐞s we squashed, and a few changes to look for this week.

Faster Overview Loading

The resource overview state loads quickly, meaning those of you with dozens (or hundreds!) of Resources can now utilize this to its full ability.


We're teeing up a monster release next week you won't want to miss.

Not too much to say now, other than stay tuned, and if you use Twitter or Product Hunt, we'd love for you to show us some love. Stay tuned for updates!

Anything Else???

This week we were heads down on some major in-flight initiatives:

  • More IaC provider support
  • Multiple git accounts linked to one Zeet account

That's all for this week! Got feedback, or something you'd like to see yourself? Hit us up on Twitter or shoot us an email!

Happy Shipping!

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