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17 Aug
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Changelog 8/17/23 - Infinite Blueprints, Helpdesk, Support, and more

We really tackled all aspect of Zeet this last few weeks, check it out: Blueprints, Helpdesk, Support Center, and more.

Jack Dwyer


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So What's New?

Howdy everyone!

Been a minute! While I was busy not writing a Changelog last week, we were busy shipping a whole bunch of cool stuff

Blueprints Palooza

You probably thought we could only release one Blueprint at a time, didn't you Squidward!? Well we can actually do way more, and to prove it, we release like 50 Blueprints last week. Scroll down in the Zeet Blueprints Marketplace to check them out!


You ever have questions about Zeet that maybe don't fit perfectly within the confines of Docs, and are probably not worth a support ticket? Well we know you do, because we get questions like this all the time.

In the product, in the docs, or at you can find answers to all sorts of frequently asked questions!

Vultr Partnership

I teased it last time, but now I've got a webinar to plug, so I'm re-teasing it (you can do that, trust me). We partnered with Vultr to bring you low price, high quality compute anywhere in the world.

Check out the Cloud Alliance page on Vultr's website, we've got a video going live therein the next couple days that you won't want to miss!

Anything Else???

More Blueprints, more features, more Zeet:

  • Audit-log coming SOON
  • Metamask login removed from Product
  • Support tab ALSO COMING SOON

That's all for this week! Got feedback, or something you'd like to see? Hit us up on Twitter or shoot us an email!

Happy Shipping!

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