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13 Mar
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Cloud, Cluster, and Project Alerts In One Central Location - The Status Tab

Your Team's Status Tab, gives you a dashboard for all your cloud alerts, letting you easily investigate and address any issues in just a few clicks.

Jack Dwyer


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Your Team's Status Tab on Zeet!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature: the Status Tab!

With your Team's Status Tab, you now have a high-level view of all your cloud projects, clusters, and health indicators in one centralized dashboard. See an error? Simply click on the associated Zeet entity and we'll take you to the best place to learn about it (and fix it in most cases!).

Gone are the days of navigating through multiple monitoring tools and dashboards to understand the status of your services. With the Team's Status Tab, it really is as easy as clicking on the Status Tab, looking for red or yellow, and resolving using Zeet.

Whether you're the CTO getting a lay of the land, an SRE keeping tabs on infrastructure pipelines, or a tech lead managing a host of Projects, your Team's Status Tab is your best friend. It provides a unique perspective on your project statuses, clusters, and clouds, offering insights that are often only accessible through Zeet.

Key benefits of the Team's Status Tab include:

  1. Simplified service issue response: Easily identify the root cause of issues and streamline communication with your team.
  2. Comprehensive view of all your Projects: Get a centralized dashboard for all your projects.
  3. Opportunities for operational excellence: Surface recommendations for setting up alerts and optimizing your account configuration.

This feature sets Zeet apart by providing users with a holistic view of their cloud environments, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive efficiency in their operations. It's not just a tool – it's a sanity check that everything is working well in your cloud.

Check it out in the left nav of your dashboard, or read more about it in the docs.

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