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1 Dec
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Deploy Jupyter Notebook (+ GPU!) with 1 click

Johnny Dallas

CEO & Co-Founder, Zeet
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Already familiar with Jupyter? Skip straight to the juicy bits

Isn't Jupyter a planet..?

Jupiter! Wait, we're supposed to be talking about Jupyter...

If you've ever done any Data Science (DS) or Machine Learning (ML), you've most likely used Jupyter. Jupyter is a free, open-source, collaborative notebook designed for ML and DS applications.

With Jupyter, you can fine tune models, visualize complex equations, and run data transformations.

Since Jupyter is an open-source project, you can deploy it on Zeet with only 1 click!


There isn't any! Jupyer has a public Docker Image, which Zeet can run for you very simply

All you have to do is click: here

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are special pieces of hardware that can greatly speed up your ML or DS processing times.

Optionally, you can add a GPU, and use a Jupyter notebook with all of the GPU drivers installed.

Luckily, Zeet makes this super easy! All you have to do is check this box when you create your project


Click "Deploy" and you're off to the races – it only takes a few seconds for your very own Jupyter notebook to be ready to use.

Your page should look like this

Once your project has moved into the "Deployed" stage, click on that big green Visit button

The first thing you'll see is Jupyter prompting you for your "password or token"

Fear not! Your "password or token" is right here, in your Project Logs

Pro tip: you can also see your Project Logs in the Logs tab

Copy and paste that token into the input in your Jupyter notebook, and...

Voila! Your Jupyter notebook is ready to use. Start creating your own notebook, or browse some popular ones.

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