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28 Nov
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Deploy Metabase in 1 click

Today I'm going to show you how to deploy Metabase on Zeet.

Johnny Dallas

CEO & Co-Founder, Zeet
How To

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Already know what Metabase is? Skip down to the Setup section!

Metabase is a super powerful analytics tool for visualizing your database, and helping anyone get answer out of data. We actually use Metabase internally at Zeet!

Metabase has a truly interesting feature where they'll analyze all the data in whichever database you choose, and show you some initial insights, without you having to do a thing

Fun fact: 13% of Zeet builds fail due to code issues – thanks metabase!


There isn't any! Metabase has a public Docker Image, which Zeet can run for you very simply

All you have to do is click: here

Click "Deploy" and you're off to the races – it only takes a few seconds to deploy your very own metabase project

Your project is now deploying

Once your project moves into the "Deployed" state, click that Visit button and you should see the Metabase setup screen:

Metabase will now walk you through setting up your service with your database. You're done!

Don't have a database? No problem! Setup a highly-secure Postgres database in 1-click

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