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28 Nov
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Deploying PostgreSQL in 1 click

Johnny Dallas

CEO & Co-Founder, Zeet
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If you're familiar with web devlopment, you've probably heard of SQL, a language for querying structured relational data from databases.

But how do you run a database? It can seem very daunting, as there are lots of considerations to running your own database. Luckily, Zeet makes it super easy. Let's see how:

Step 1/1: Click here

No seriously. That's it.

You should see a page like this:

Project name can be whatever you'd like, but can't be changed later!

Zeet will automatically configure your database to run on a separate, private network for maximum security, with a strong generated password and 1GB of storage.

You don't need to change any of these values, so go on and hit Deploy ğŸ˜Ž

Great! We have a database now
By default, this database will not be accessible to the public internet. The only way to your database is from another Zeet project. Very secure, much wow

Pro tip

Now that you have a database, you're ready to play around with some data. Check out Metabase on Zeet for visualizing and analyzing your data!

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