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3 Mar
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29 Most Reliable DevOps As A Service Tools In 2024

Revolutionize your development process with DevOps as a service. Seamlessly integrate, deploy, and scale. Elevate your efficiency today!

Jack Dwyer

Platform Engineering + DevOps

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Discover the transformative power of DevOps as a service for enhancing developer experience and streamlining operations. With this innovative approach, teams can leverage automation, collaboration, and continuous integration to drive efficiency and productivity. Embrace a scalable and cost-effective solution that empowers your organization to deliver high-quality software at a faster pace. Dive into the world of DevOps as a service and unlock a new realm of possibilities for your development processes.

What Is DevOps As A Service?

illustration of how devops powers team - DevOps as a Service

DevOps as a Service is a model where a third-party provider delivers DevOps tools and practices as a service. This enables companies to outsource the management of their DevOps infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their core business activities while ensuring continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of software applications.

This service typically includes a combination of tools, automation, best practices, and expertise tailored to the specific needs of the organization. It helps streamline the software development lifecycle, improve collaboration between development and operations teams, and enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

By leveraging DevOps as a Service, businesses can benefit from reduced operational costs, faster time to market, improved quality of software releases, and increased agility to respond to market changes swiftly.

Elevating Your Cloud Deployments with Zeet

Zeet helps you to get more from your cloud and Kubernetes investments and helps your engineering team become strong individual contributors through our CI/CD deployment platform. 

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Zeet Product Overview

29 Most Reliable DevOps As A Service Tools

devop system with kubernetes - DevOps as a Service

1. Best Overall: Zeet

Zeet is a top-tier DevOps as a service tool that optimizes cloud and Kubernetes investments, empowering engineering teams to excel through its robust CI/CD deployment platform. Zeet facilitates efficient collaboration and enhances productivity, making it a valuable asset for teams striving to achieve top performance. 

If you're looking to elevate your engineering team to the top 1%, explore Zeet's capabilities further on our Product Overview page.

2. Git (GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket)

Git, encompassing platforms like GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket, plays a pivotal role in efficient source code management, enabling seamless tracking of changes, collaboration, and maintaining a comprehensive history of code modifications.

3. Kubernetes

Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestration system, automates software deployment, scaling, and management. While not a deployment tool per se, numerous deployment tools, such as Zeet, are tailored for Kubernetes environments.

4. Maven

Maven serves as a crucial DevOps tool for project management and build automation, overseeing builds, documentation, source code management, distribution, releases, mailing lists, and reporting.

5. Appdynamics

AppDynamics offers DevOps tools for enhanced observability, ensuring superior quality and faster delivery. Their Cloud Native App Observability feature enables comprehensive monitoring of performance and availability.

6. Raygun

Raygun is renowned for its deployment tracking capabilities and seamless integration with popular DevOps platforms like Azure DevOps, fostering efficient collaboration between development and operations teams. Users can streamline error resolution by attaching error groups to work items within the Azure DevOps interface.

7. Splunk Cloud

Splunk Cloud delivers a comprehensive solution for DevOps automation and deployment, including an Automated Deployment Helper for Splunk Cloud, streamlining deployments by automating the generation of Splunk Cloud auth tokens.

8. Selenium

Selenium is a critical tool for DevOps, enhancing test planning, tracking, and reporting within the DevOps ecosystem, ultimately boosting the reliability of web applications.

9. Google Cloud Platform Cloud Computing and Storage in DevOps

Google Cloud Platform offers robust tools for Cloud Computing, Storage, and DevOps deployment, notably Cloud Deploy, a fully managed continuous delivery service supporting GKE, Cloud Run, and Anthos for secure progression from development to production.

10. Ansible

Ansible automates tasks across development, testing, deployment, and monitoring/analytics/ChatOps, seamlessly integrating with various DevOps tools to streamline workflows.

11. Docker

Docker revolutionizes application deployment on servers by packaging applications and their dependencies into containers, offering resource isolation features for efficient deployment.

12. SignalFx

SignalFx is a real-time cloud monitoring platform tailored for infrastructure, microservices, and applications, enabling DevOps teams to collect metrics and traces for efficient monitoring and observability.

13. Gremlin

Gremlin is a cloud-native DevOps tool specializing in reliability testing and chaos engineering, enhancing system resilience by allowing controlled attacks to identify weaknesses and improve the CI/CD pipeline's velocity.

14. Servicenow

ServiceNow's DevOps capabilities streamline deployment speed through automated change processes, integrating planning, coding, and testing tools to enhance deployment efficiency.

15. Jenkins

Jenkins is a prominent open-source automation tool in the realm of DevOps, focusing on continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). It serves as a catalyst for automating building, testing, and deployment procedures, fostering seamless collaboration within development teams.

16. Chef

Chef stands out as an open-source configuration management tool highly utilized in DevOps environments for automating server deployment and management tasks efficiently.

17. Puppet

Puppet, an open-source DevOps deployment tool, specializes in automating and centralizing server configuration management. By enabling users to define and enforce their systems' desired state, Puppet simplifies infrastructure deployment and management processes.

18. Slack

Slack is a go-to platform extensively employed in DevOps for enhanced workflows and automation. Its Workflow Builder empowers teams to automate routine tasks, thereby streamlining the management of release requests and deployments.

19. AWS

AWS offers a comprehensive suite of DevOps tools tailored for cloud computing and storage deployments. AWS Developer Tools aid in securely storing and versioning application source code, enabling automated build, test, and deployment to the AWS environment.

20. Azure

Azure provides proven agile tools for planning, tracking, and collaboration across teams. With offerings like Azure Pipelines for application building, testing, and deployment, Azure DevOps kickstarts the DevOps journey by guiding users through Agile tools and application lifecycle management.

21. Vagrant

Vagrant emerges as a versatile DevOps tool supporting diverse deployment tasks in daily operations. It provides a user-friendly workflow centered on automation, empowering users to effortlessly build and manage virtual machine environments.

22. Sentry

Sentry serves as an app monitoring tool tailored for DevOps environments. Leveraging a stack of products like Snuba, Kafka, and Nginx, it ensures comprehensive application performance monitoring and error tracking.

23. Gradle

Gradle is a robust open-source build automation tool widely embraced in DevOps settings. It plays a pivotal role in streamlining the software development lifecycle by automating tasks such as compilation, linking, and code packaging.

24. eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise stands out as a potent DevOps tool acknowledged for its extensive monitoring and diagnostics capabilities. Tailored for DevOps teams, it eases software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment processes.

25. Atlassian Status Page

Statuspage, a leading status and incident communication tool by Atlassian, plays a crucial role in keeping customers and employees informed during downtimes.

26. ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

ELK, a robust toolset comprising Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, is widely adopted in DevOps environments for log analytics, real-time log analysis, and collaborative efforts.

27. Terraform

Terraform emerges as a potent infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tool designed to automate and manage infrastructure deployments across various environments, including the cloud.

28. Phantom

Phantom, a versatile DevOps deployment tool, redefines workflows by orchestrating software processes seamlessly across different CI/CD tools. Noteworthy for its role in security orchestration, it enhances incident response efficiency and overall security measures.

29. Nagios

Nagios, a robust open-source monitoring system, is indispensable for DevOps, enabling organizations to monitor and manage their IT infrastructure effectively, thus ensuring system, network, and business process reliability.

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Tips On Implementing DevOps As A Service

dev teaming working on DevOps as a Service

When implementing DevOps as a service, it is crucial to start by defining clear objectives and goals. Establish what you aim to achieve with DevOps practices, such as increased deployment frequency, faster time to market, or improved collaboration between teams. 

Build a Collaborative Culture

Focus on creating a culture of collaboration and communication within your organization. Encourage teams to work together seamlessly, breaking down silos and fostering a shared responsibility for the entire software delivery process. 

Automate Tools in DevOps

Invest in automation tools to streamline processes and eliminate manual errors. Choose tools that integrate well with your existing infrastructure and provide visibility into the entire software delivery pipeline. 

Continuous Improvement

Continuous monitoring and feedback loops are essential for identifying bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Implement monitoring tools to track performance metrics and gather feedback from stakeholders to continuously refine your DevOps practices. 

Prioritize Security in the Software Delivery Lifecycle

Prioritize security throughout the software delivery lifecycle. Integrate security practices early in the development process and ensure that security measures are embedded in every stage of deployment.

By following these tips, you can successfully implement DevOps as a service and reap the benefits of improved collaboration, faster delivery, and higher-quality software releases.

Get More from Your Cloud with Zeet

Zeet helps you to get more from your cloud and Kubernetes investments and helps your engineering team become strong individual contributors through our CI/CD deployment platform. 

Contact Zeet to learn more about how Zeet can help you get seamless cloud deployments every time, and helps your team to become a top-performing engineering team.

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Get Seamless Releases Every Time With Zeet's CI/CD Deployment Platform for Kubernetes

Zeet is a game-changer when it comes to optimizing your cloud and Kubernetes investments. By leveraging Zeet's CI/CD deployment platform, your engineering team can elevate their performance and efficiency. With Zeet, you can achieve seamless cloud deployments consistently, ensuring a smooth and reliable process every time.

By partnering with Zeet, your team can transition into top-performing individual contributors, equipped with the tools and support needed to excel in the realm of DevOps. Zeet empowers your engineers to streamline their workflows, collaborate effectively, and ultimately drive innovation within your organization. 

Contact Zeet today to unlock the full potential of your cloud infrastructure and propel your team towards success in the world of DevOps as a service.

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