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26 Jan
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Easily Deploy a Job, Service, or IaC Package with Project Types

With Zeet's Project Creation, you can take the guesswork and headache out of deploying projects from Service Containers to Terraform Modules

Jack Dwyer


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Easily deploy cloud infrastructure

With the Zeet Project Creation flow, you can select one of 6 Project Types to quickly orient yourself and get guided steps toward deployment. Each type is tailored to specific use cases, offering a streamlined approach to deploying and managing various different types of cloud infrastructure.

With Service and Job Containers, you can easily deploy long running or ephemeral containers, or you can create a Serverless Function. If you've got infrastructure as code, whether in a public repo or private repo, you can select one of the bottom three options, Helm, Terraform, or Kubernetes to quickly deploy your IaC package to your cloud.

6 Project Types

Zeet currently supports the following project types:

  • Service Container: Ideal for long-running services requiring high uptime.
  • Job Container: Suited for short-lived jobs scheduled or triggered on demand.
  • Serverless Function: Designed for event-based or stateless applications with variable traffic.
  • Terraform Module: Used for deploying Infrastructure as Code (IaC) modules.
  • Helm Charts: Deploy packaged Kubernetes applications using Helm.
  • Kubernetes Manifests: Deploy packaged Kubernetes applications using kubectl.

After selecting a project type, you will further configure it in the next steps that follow.

About Zeet

Zeet streamlines the deployment and management of Apps & Infrastructure, providing seamless integration with public cloud providers and Kubernetes clusters. With robust features like CI/CD, Audit Logging for Change Tracking, Container Autoscaling, Centralized Logs & Metrics, and Crash Notifications, Zeet helps your team operate infrastructure better. Learn more in the Zeet product overview.

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