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7 Jan
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Explore Dark Forest with a Remote Explorer (updated for v0.6)

Johnny Dallas

CEO & Co-Founder, Zeet
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With the release of DarkForest plugins, all the avid crypto-gamers are wondering: "How can I use this to get a competitive advantage?"

How do I get ahead?

The best way to get ahead in Dark Forest is to explore. Thanks to the new Remote Explorer Plugin, you can: find out who's near your territory, expand your planets, or simply find the closest asteroid field - all automatically, without having to use your computer's precious resources.

What do I get?

We'll show you how to get the Remote Explorer plugin up and running in 3 steps at 1.3k hashes/sec for only $20/month!

Let's hop right into it.

Step 0: Set up your account(s)

This tutorial assumes you already have a way to play Dark Forest, and a Zeet account. Go ahead and sign up if not!

Step 1: Deploy your Dark Forest Remote Explorer

Click here to deploy on Zeet.

Click Continue then Deploy Now on the darkforest-rs project in the list. Wait for the build to complete.

Note: You have a free trial for the first 7 days - however if you'd like to add more CPU cores (pushing performance to up to 5k hashes/sec) you will have to add a payment method.

Step 2: Connect to your Remote Explorer server

Once you see the green "Deployed" badge, you're ready to connect! Click the Copy icon next to the Visit button.

In your game UI, find the Remote Explorer Server URL input box. Paste the URL you just copied, and add /mine to the end of it.


Click "Explore!" and you're done! You should now be getting an additional ~1.3k hashes/sec. Want 5k hashes/sec? Keep reading...

Step 4: Upgrading your Remote Explorer Web Server (Infinitely 😉)

Upgrading your web server lets you achieve higher hash rates, and is extremely easy with Zeet

The server we setup earlier has 1 CPU core and 1 GB of RAM, but by adding more CPU cores you can up the hash rate even more. There are 2 options to increase the number of CPU cores, and thus the hash rates of the Remote Explorer:

  1. Add more CPU cores - ($15/core)
  2. Add more replicas - This is  multiplier. 5 instances with 1 CPU core each is the same as 1 instance with 5 cores. If you create multiple replicas, add the URL in-game the same amount of times!

All you have to do is change the Size in the Settings tab of your project. Contact support if you want even more powerful hashing servers!

With that, you've now got a hashing powerhouse ready to conquer the Dark Forest!

Good Luck, and Happy Exploring!

Special thanks to Jacob and Blaine for their work on the Remote Explorer plugins, including Remote Explorer!

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