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8 Nov
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Get a Slack Notification on Kubernetes Pod Errors

Pod Crash Notifications allow you to get notified whenever your Kubernetes Pods are experiencing an issue. Using Web hooks, you can easily configure them to send to your Discord or Slack, and soon you'll be able to get Pod Crash Notifications via email.

Jack Dwyer


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Pod Crash Notifications in your Slack and Discord

We’re excited to announce a brand new feature that will increase transparency for your cloud infrastructure: Pod Crash Notifications. Before you'd have to slog through complex docs pages, commands, and technological legos, only to configure you Kubernetes notifications cloud by cloud, but that is no longer the case.

With our new Pod Crash Notifications feature, Zeet will send Kubernetes Pod Crash notifications, for any of your clusters in any of your clouds, to any Integrations you have set up including Slack, Discord, and soon Email.

This means that if you’re already receiving notifications through these mediums, you can now configure pod crash notifications as well.

Pod crash notifications give you visibility into the health of your pods, and if there is a crash, intervention is usually warranted. These notifications apply to crashes associated with Docker or Container App Blueprints.To configure your notification Integrations so you can get these notifications sent to your team’s communication channels, head to the Settings > Notifications.

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