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26 Mar
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Introducing Group-level Access Control: Ensuring Secure Project Deployment

Lock-down your envs with our new Group Access Control, letting you control who can do what across your environments.

Jack Dwyer


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Fine-Grained Access Control for Your Kubernetes Environments

Managing permissions across large engineering teams can not only be challenging, but a real priority with security and private customer data. You want to make sure the right people have access to deploy applications, but also not have to restrict things so much that red tape doesn't hamper development.

Zeet's newest feature, Group & Subgroup Access Control, solves this problem by letting you set granular permissions at the group level.

Easily Restrict Access Within Your Team

With Group Access Control, team leads can specify which developers have deploy access to projects within a Group or Subgroup.

For example, you may want your critical production environments to only be accessible by a small set of senior engineers. Simply put those projects inside a restricted Group.

Group Access Control makes it easy to manage permissions across your entire Environment without having to tweak individual project settings or set up difficult-to-enforce guidelines.

Deploy With Confidence

Restricting deploy access gives you confidence that changes can only be made by authorized team members. No more worrying about an accidental command bringing down production!

Group Access Control also reduces blast radius from compromised credentials or insider risks. If an unauthorized user somehow gains access, they'll be blocked from impacting your most important environments.

Simple Setup, Powerful Security

Enabling Group Access Control takes just a few clicks, but gives you an incredibly useful tool for managing permissions across your Kubernetes clusters, projects, and environments. Head over to any of your Groups or Subgroups, and click Access Control. For more guidance, you can check out the docs.

With developers working across so many projects and teams, giving team leads control over their group's access is a game-changer.

Restrict deploy access, reduce risk, and deploy with confidence using Zeet's Group Access Control.

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