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3 Aug
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Never Fight For GPUs for Your Machine Learning Models Again

GPUs are among the most coveted resources in today's tech landscape. Finding GPUs to use is difficult, and with that much demand, prices are prone to skyrocket. With Zeet, that paradigm changes, and you can easily access GPUs across clouds, to get the most SKUs at the best prices.

Jack Dwyer

Platform Engineering + DevOps

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GPUs for ML Training and Inference

In the realm of machine learning and data-intensive applications, access to powerful GPUs is essential for accelerating computations and driving breakthroughs. Traditionally, obtaining GPUs for machine learning tasks could be costly and challenging, but with Zeet's multi-cloud capabilities, developers can tap into an array of affordable and high availability GPUs. In this blog post, we will explore how Zeet's unique offering provides access to some of the most common GPUs for machine learning, including the benefits of affordable GPU resources, high availability, and its impact on machine learning applications.

Affordable and High Availability GPUs for Machine Learning:

Zeet's multi-cloud integration grants developers access to a diverse range of GPU SKUs tailored for machine learning. GPUs from popular providers such as NVIDIA, AMD, and Google Cloud AI Platform offer developers an array of cost-effective options to suit their specific machine learning needs. This accessibility ensures that developers can harness the computational power of GPUs without straining their budgets.

Affordable and Powerful NVIDIA GPUs:

Zeet's multi-cloud integration brings developers direct access to a vast selection of NVIDIA GPUs, renowned for their supremacy in machine learning tasks. With providers like APLD and Coreweave, Zeet offers a diverse range of cost-effective NVIDIA GPUs, enabling developers to harness the full computational power of these GPUs without straining their budgets.

AMD GPUs: Affordable Performance for Machine Learning:

AMD GPUs have gained popularity for providing cost-effective performance in machine learning applications. Zeet's multi-cloud capabilities encompass AMD GPUs, enabling developers to benefit from their affordability and computational power. With Zeet, machine learning practitioners can access AMD GPUs for data processing, model training, and accelerating diverse AI workloads.

Multiple Clouds Platforms for GPUs: High Availability for Scalable ML Workloads:

Zeet's integration with Google Cloud AI, Coreweave, APLD, Azure clouds platforms opens up access to high availability GPUs suitable for demanding machine learning workloads. With these cloud options, you can easily access to best rates across all cloud options. Coreweave alone offers a wide range of GPU SKUs, including NVIDIA Tesla V100, NVIDIA A100, and NVIDIA T4 GPUs at competitive prices. This diversity ensures that developers can scale GPU resources efficiently for their machine learning applications.

Simplified GPU Resource Management for ML:

Zeet simplifies GPU resource management across multiple cloud providers, allowing developers to seamlessly scale GPU resources based on their machine learning project requirements. By optimizing resource allocation with reserved instances or spot instances, developers can harness the full power of GPUs while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


Zeet's multi-cloud GPU access revolutionizes machine learning applications, providing affordable and high availability GPU resources for developers. With access to some of the most common GPUs for machine learning, including NVIDIA Tesla V100, NVIDIA A100, and NVIDIA T4 GPUs at competitive prices, Zeet empowers developers to unlock the potential of AI-driven applications without breaking the bank. From startups to enterprises, Zeet enables organizations to embrace the full potential of GPUs, advancing the landscape of machine learning and data-intensive applications.

Experience the power of affordable, high availability GPUs for machine learning with Zeet—a game-changing platform that accelerates innovation and drives progress in the realm of artificial intelligence.

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