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3 Nov
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PGVector on RDS Just Got Easier

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest Blueprint, PGVector on RDS! PGVector on RDS is a great Blueprint choice for people who want a SQL-esque Vector Database on AWS.

Jack Dwyer


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PGVector on RDS Blueprint

We're excited to announce a brand new Blueprint: PGVector on RDS. With PGVector on RDS, you can deploy a PGVector Database, essentially a bolt-on to Postgres that works using SQL, directly to your AWS account.

Zeet's PGVector on RDS Blueprint provides a fully managed, self-hosted vector database in your cloud environment. It simplifies the provisioning of underlying infrastructure and offers a superior user experience compared to other deployment methods. With just a few clicks, you can have PGVector running in AWS RDS, eliminating the complexities associated with setting up and managing the database.

PGVector is open-source, and with Zeet, there's never been an easier way to self-host a database in your cloud, where you own the data whilst having the ease of use of a managed solution.

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