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15 Mar
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One-Click Kubernetes Cluster Provisioning in Azure with Zeet

Launch fully managed Kubernetes clusters directly from your Zeet dashboard with just one click - no Azure console required.

Jack Dwyer


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Cluster Provisioning in Azure

Managing Kubernetes clusters in Azure has been an awesome feature for a while, and now we're happy to say you can provision (and destroy) a Azure clusters right from Zeet.

With Zeet's new Cluster Provisioning in Azure, you can now launch fully managed Kubernetes clusters directly from your Zeet dashboard with just one click. No more fiddling with Azure Resource Manager templates or clicking through pages in the Azure portal. Just select your Azure subscription, choose your region, and Zeet handles the rest.

Zeet's cluster provisioning integrates with Azure to create hardened and optimized clusters tailored for running containerized workloads. All the infrastructure is configured following security best practices and Kubernetes fundamentals out of the box. Once your cluster is up, you can immediately start deploying applications to it using.

And when it comes time to upgrade your cluster's Kubernetes version, scale node pools, run health checks -the process is simplified with Zeet.

By removing the complexity of managing Kubernetes in Azure, Zeet allows you to focus on what matters most - building and running your applications. Try out one-click cluster provisioning today and take the pain out of your cloud-native deployments.

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