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8 Mar
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Simplify Your Kubernetes Management with Zeet's Managed Cluster Ejection

Eject your clusters and bring them under Zeet control so you can manage them just like any other Zeet Projects, while still getting maximum control through Helm or Terraform.

Jack Dwyer


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Get Maximum Control Of Your Clusters Without Compromise

At Zeet, we understand the challenges associated with managing Kubernetes clusters manually. That's why we're excited to announce our latest innovation: Managed Kubernetes Cluster Ejection.

Traditionally, managing and customizing Kubernetes infrastructure has been complex and time-consuming. With Zeet's Managed Kubernetes Cluster Ejection feature, we're changing that paradigm. Users can now initiate cluster ejection directly from the Zeet dashboard, allowing them to represent their cluster as a Terraform or Helm package, letting them customize their ejected cluster's configurations to their specific needs.

Here's how it works:

  1. Users initiate cluster ejection through their Zeet Cluster page.
  2. They can then customize their ejected cluster's configurations via Terraform or Helm.
  3. Changes are applied easily through Zeet Terraform or Helm project types.

The benefits of Zeet's Managed Kubernetes Cluster Ejection are numerous:

  • Zero setup cost: Virtually no time or resources spent on manual setups.
  • Full control over Kubernetes clusters: Customize your cluster configurations to match your requirements precisely, while still getting the ease-of-use of Zeet Projects..

This easy integration with our dashboard will set you apart, making your Kubernetes management simpler.

Ready to experience the power of Managed Kubernetes Cluster Ejection? Learn more about how Zeet is revolutionizing Kubernetes management today.

Check out the docs, or hop in to get started!

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