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15 Feb
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Spin Up Ephemeral Environments from your CLI or Github Actions

Using our new CLI tool, create Ephemeral Environments for your Pull Requests, Developers, or End to End tests.

Jack Dwyer


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Spin Up an Ephemeral Environment to test PRs, Deployments, or Support your Devs

We've had Preview Branches to let you test your code before merging, but with Ephemeral Environments we can take that a step further. Now, you can generate an environment that combines multiple projects, unlocking a variety of applications.

Pull Requests

Using Github Actions + Zeet's New CLI tool, you can test your pull requests in a production setting without...deploying to production. Using this walkthrough, create an environment that combines any number of your Zeet projects so that you can test your PRs with all the Projects that interact with the specific code, and when you're done, it's easy to destroy the environment without any impact on any other developers or environments.

This group represents an ephemeral environment that was spun up using a Pull Request.

Create Developer-Specific Envs

With developer specific boxes, you can give everyone on your team a staging environment to test code in a high fidelity way. Using developer ephemeral environments, easily make changes, destroy, or scale environments to suit your testing needs without disruption the dev, staging, prod envs.

End to End Testing

Perform complex end to end tests with deploy services. Ensure consistency with consistent definitions and create a full replica of your production environment. There is limitless flexibility with how you test, and when you're done, simply destroy it.

Check out our docs to learn about all the ways you can use Ephemeral Environments!

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