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10 Apr
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Flexibility To Your Git-based Projects With Branch Changes

With git branch locking and multiple Zeet Branch to git branch mappings, you can now have more control over your deployments.

Jack Dwyer


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Fine-Grained Access Control for Your Kubernetes Environments

Branch management just got a huge upgrade with some new changes.

There are two key components to Branch Changes:

  1. Locking Zeet Branches to Git Commits - You can now lock a Zeet branch to a specific git commit instead of just a git branch. This enables precise reproducibility and environment locking. No more surprises from a branch moving under you unexpectedly.
  1. Multiple Zeet Branches per git branch

With Branch Changes, you can spin up multiple Zeet branches from the same git branch. For example, you could have a "staging" and "production" Zeet branch based on "main" with small config tweaks between them.

Combined, these two features enable flexible workflows like canary deployments, seamless hotfixes, and isolated testing. You get all the power of GitOps without the complexity.

Give it a shot, it's live right now!

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