Respond to customer success and solutions inquiries 4x faster

Respond to customer success and solutions inquiries 4x faster


Customer success and solutions teams handle a lot of customer-specific and knowledge-intensive communication, spending 20-30 minutes on each customer email response.

Sam uses AI to learn from past customer emails and automatically draft relevant responses to incoming customer emails. These drafts can then be refined and sent 4x faster compared to writing responses from scratch.

Currently, Sam supports customer communication in Gmail, Front, HubSpot, and Zendesk.

As simple as using Sam is, the underlying system is complex. Obviously, there are a host of considerations on the software and AI side, but there are also infrastructure challenges. Sam builds out custom data integrations and workflow rules for every customer. This is done to automate as much email work as possible for every customer, but it also adds to the complexity of Sam’s cloud setup. This, along with the enterprise-grade security measures Sam takes, means spinning up a new dedicated worker and database for every customer.

Zeet handles all of this complexity and security for them. In a few button clicks, Sam can create the infrastructure via Zeet to support a new client. Other competitive tools offered Sam easy onboarding, but fell short when it came to even moderately-advanced workflows. That’s when they found Zeet, and since then, they haven’t run into any problems standing up Kubernetes infrastructure as they scale.

"Switching to Zeet has allowed us to move much faster. Everything from auto-deployments, auto-rollbacks, and auto-scaling just works. Zeet also has the flexibility to support more advanced use cases, and the only support team I’ve met that consistently debugs with me at 1 AM - even on weekends."

Anker Bach Ryhl
Co-founder, Sam




Blueprints Used
Docker Image

Deploy a Docker image from the Docker Hub to any Kubernetes cluster.


Deploy a Redis instance on Kubernetes using Helm.

PostgreSQL RDS

Deploy a PostgreSQL database to your cloud(s) in one click.