Monitoring for Startups - Free Workshop May 2024

Monitoring for Startups - Free  Workshop May 2024

Selecting a monitoring tool and creating an alerting plan for startups requires knowledge, expertise, and time. That's why Zeet is offering a free monitoring workshop for founders and devs at small teams.

During this 1:1 workshop, we will review your infrastructure and tech stack, and help you create a monitoring plan best fit for your infrastructure and business. You will walk away with an idea of which tools are the best fit for your stack, and prescribe a best practice plan on how you can implement them.

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Monitoring Workshop


Is this free? Why are you doing this?

Yes, this is a free workshop. We like working with founders and small teams and we’ve already been doing this so we opened this up for a few more teams. For us, we get a chance to learn about the tools people use.

Do I have to be a Zeet user or buy Zeet?

No, this is not a Zeet sales pitch; we will focus our time in reviewing your infrastructure and tech stack.

Who is this for?

This workshop is a good fit for startup founders and small engineering teams, who want to move quickly in getting their monitoring in place.