at your fingertips

Spend less time managing your infastructure and more time developing your application. Save money by paying only for what you use.


Simply deploy.
No config.

Easily deploy your application, without worrying about provisioning infrastructure. No servers, no configuration files, just push to Github.
Quick deploy
Localhost to live in minutes. Spend your time building, not configuring infrastructure.
No config/SDK needed
No need to install a new package. No new YAML format to learn. Just write your code.
Avoid cloud console
Never again worry "Did I set that up right?" No more confusing cloud consoles.

Pay as you go.
Save money.

Pay only for the resources you use, and nothing more. No more overprovisioning, or persistent servers draining your bill.
Pay per request
Don't overspend on resources you don't need.
No base cost
No upfront cost. No traffic? No bill.

Automatically serverless.
No changes needed

Got an existing API, but haven't built for serverless? No worries. Bring any API, Docker container, or static site and Zeet will make it Serverless-compatible.
No configuration needed
Forget the infrasctructure provisioning and concentrate on building your application.
Auto Serverless
Supports any HTTP service, Docker container, or static site.
Advanced Case?
Got an existing serverless function? We support Serverless Framework, bring your own configuration.

Infinite scale.

Automatically scale up as your application grows. Down to 0 when it shrinks. No more worrying about breaking past your limits.
No traffic
No traffic? No problem! No bill until resources are in use.
Handles spikes
Unexpected spike in traffic? No worries, serverless functions will scale to handle it.

Resources to help you get started

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Deploy your serverless app better.

Let Zeet help you unlock the power of serverless architecture so you can save time and money.