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23 Oct
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Zeet adds Blueprints to simplify hosting for 7 popular Vector Databases

Deploy a Vector Database to your cloud with Zeet's new Vector Database Blueprints. We've got a host of new Vector Databases for you that deploy directly to your cloud!

Jack Dwyer

Platform Engineering + DevOps

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AI is Everywhere

AI is everywhere, and while you’ve been hearing a lot about GPUs for inference and training, an important part of the AI stack hasn’t been talked about enough: Vector Databases. We’ve heard from numerous customers that the current solutions for hosting and operating vector databases does not work as smoothly as deploying a conventional database.

Don’t get us wrong, solutions exist, yet there’s usually a sacrifice—whether it be data ownership, ease-of-configuration, or developer experience. That is, until today.

Zeet just released 7 Zeet-official Blueprints for Vector Databases, allowing you to self-host a database in your cloud, while benefiting from the usability and developer experience that Zeet provides. Now with the click of a button, you can deploy a fully managed vector database - no matter how you want to host it or what level of experience you have with Kubernetes.

One Zeet customer already benefitting from deploying a vector database with Zeet is Mirage. Mirage is an AI product that searches over all multimedia, including images, video, audio, 3D. Using Zeet, Mirage was able to stand up their entire AI infrastructure stack, including a fully managed, fully owned Vector Database.

Now, we don't have have to worry about the complexities of managing that ourselves and can focus on our application code.
- Sreerama Tripuramallu, co-Founder at Mirage

Vector Databases you can Deploy to your Cloud with Zeet

Simply connect your cloud account, select from one of the new Vector Database Blueprints, and click deploy. That’s it. If you have any configuration changes you'd like to make or Environment Variables you'd like to set, you can easily adjust those using Zeet's Project UI, or you can bring your own YAML file. From there, you can access your database's connection details right in your Project dashboard. Zeet will handle all of the provisioning of cloud resources, networking, health checking and maintenance, and security for your Vector Database, so you can focus on building. Your vector database will live in your cloud, but with the ease-of-use of a managed solution.

With Zeet’s new Vector Database Blueprints, you can get a fully configurable, scalable, and easy-to-use vector database in your cloud, that works seamlessly with the rest of your infrastructure stack. Let’s take a look at the new Blueprints.

Multi-node Qdrant

Multi-node Qdrant is a distributed vector database optimized for efficient similarity search and clustering across multiple nodes. It excels in applications like recommendation systems, content retrieval, and personalized search by providing distributed and scalable similarity search capabilities. Zeet's Multi-node Qdrant Blueprint simplifies its deployment on your Kubernetes cluster with a one-click solution, eliminating the complexities of setting up a distributed system and integrating seamlessly with your infrastructure.

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Single-node Qdrant

Single-node Qdrant is a vector database designed for fast and efficient similarity search on a single server, making it ideal for small to medium-sized applications like image recognition, content recommendation, and document retrieval. Zeet's Single-node Qdrant Blueprint offers a straightforward deployment process on your Kubernetes cluster with a one-click solution, removing the hurdles of configuring a high-performance vector database and seamlessly integrating it into your infrastructure.

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PGVector on Kubernetes

With Zeet, you can easily deploy PGVector, a vector database leveraging PostgreSQL for vector indexing and search. Zeet's PGVector Blueprint provides a fully managed, self-hosted vector database in your cloud environment. It simplifies the provisioning of underlying infrastructure and offers a superior user experience compared to other deployment methods. With just a few clicks, you can have PGVector running on your Kubernetes cluster (and soon AWS RDS), eliminating the complexities associated with setting up and managing the database.

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Chroma is a self-hosted, customizable code search platform, and Zeet makes deploying and managing it a breeze. Zeet's Chroma Blueprint simplifies the provisioning of all underlying infrastructure, enabling a self-hosted solution within your own environment. It offers an unparalleled ease of deployment, making Chroma accessible to users of various skill levels. With just a few clicks, you can set up, configure, and manage Chroma on your cloud infrastructure, allowing you to leverage its powerful code search capabilities without the hassle of manual setup and maintenance.

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Milvus is an open-source vector database optimized for efficient similarity search and real-time data analytics. It's a versatile solution suitable for various applications, including recommendation systems, image recognition, and personalized search. With Zeet, you can easily deploy Milvus and leverage its power for similarity search and analytics. Zeet's Milvus Blueprint simplifies the setup and management of Milvus on your Kubernetes cluster, providing a user-friendly deployment process. This eliminates the complexities associated with configuring a high-performance vector database and seamlessly integrates it into your cloud infrastructure, allowing you to quickly harness Milvus for your machine learning and data-intensive tasks.

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Weaviate is an open-source vector database designed for semantic search and similarity-based querying. It excels in applications like knowledge graph construction, natural language understanding, and recommendation systems. Deploying and managing Weaviate can be simplified with Zeet. Zeet's Weaviate Blueprint streamlines the provisioning of all necessary infrastructure, making it easy to self-host Weaviate on your own cloud environment. This user-friendly deployment process eliminates the need for extensive DevOps knowledge and enables you to quickly tap into Weaviate's capabilities for semantic search and knowledge representation in your applications.

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Pinecone DB

Pinecone is a managed vector database service designed to simplify the deployment and management of vector search and similarity matching capabilities. It is an excellent choice for applications like recommendation systems, personalization, and content retrieval. Zeet streamlines the process by providing a seamless Pinecone DB integration, making it easier to integrate into your infrastructure stack. With just a few clicks, you can get up and running with a Pinecone DB that integrates seamlessly into your stack, allowing you to quickly leverage Pinecone's capabilities for similarity matching in your applications without the hassle of networking.

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Zeet simplifies your AI infra stack

With Zeet’s new Vector Database capabilities, your AI infrastructure stack is a lot simpler to manage. Let us provision your infrastructure for you, so you can focus on building. Whether you need GPUs, servers, or Vector Databases, Zeet is the best way to deploy and manage AI infrastructure, right in your cloud.

If you’re an AI company and want to simplify management of your AI infrastructure, just reach out.

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